GBP/JPY 153.949 00:00 18.01 AUD/USD 0.79702 23:30 17.01 EUR/USD 1.21845 23:30 17.01 USD/JPY 111.312 23:30 17.01 BITCOIN 10971.500 23:00 17.01 NZD/USD 0.72603 23:00 17.01 AUD/USD 0.79544 23:00 17.01 EUR/USD 1.21654 23:00 17.01 AUD/USD 0.79666 22:30 17.01 EUR/USD 1.21873 22:30 17.01 BITCOIN 11350.000 22:00 17.01 AUD/USD 0.79699 22:00 17.01 GBP/JPY 153.928 22:00 17.01 USD/JPY 111.308 22:00 17.01 EUR/USD 1.21858 22:00 17.01 EUR/USD 1.22077 21:30 17.01 USD/JPY 111.271 21:30 17.01 LITECOIN 179.070 21:00 17.01 BITCOIN 10898.500 21:00 17.01 USD/JPY 111.138 21:00 17.01 GBP/USD 1.38555 21:00 17.01 DOW 26112.72 21:00 17.01 EUR/USD 1.22130 21:00 17.01 GBP/USD 1.38605 20:45 17.01 AUD/USD 0.79984 20:30 17.01 GBP/JPY 154.080 20:30 17.01 EUR/GBP 0.88158 20:30 17.01 GBP/USD 1.38746 20:15 17.01 NZD/USD 0.73019 20:00 17.01 EUR/AUD 1.52825 20:00 17.01

How does it work? is the easiest way to make money on Internet. This is the most simple definition, but, how does our company really work?

How do you make money? And How do we do it? is an investment platform, but instead of working as a complex financial institution full of bureaucracy, with high human resources costs and marketing budget; we decided to invest all that money to develop a technology that allows you to access to the market at a lower cost and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented here.

Our principal goal was to create a company where our costumers and us, were able to make money at the same time, without having complex structures that consume high amounts of financial resourses, where anyone could trade and make money 24 hours per day.

How do I make money at is done to make you win, whether trading manually or automatically. DineroLibre provides you contracts that are offered in the financial market. In each contract you have up to 500% of profits.

To make it even easier, we have developed two tools to help you earn money without the necessity of having financial knowledge.

One of them are the market signals, that are provided in the "Signals Account", which are created by the prestigious company AutoChartist, these signals are permanently monitoring the market and notifying if an asset becomes atractive enough to trade safetly.

AutoChartist is a britsh company that provides the same service to well-known investment Banks, as well as, important financial mass medias like Bloomberg, CNN, WOBI, etc. This service cost millions, but DineroLibre pursaches and offers it to its users since the first day.

Another automatic tool, is the Robot or AutoTrading System, which is based on the signals mentioned before, but at the same time contrast a complex algorithm created by graduates of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), whereby the system only start trading when the signals sent by AutoChartist are completely safe.

How you could see, is created to help you earn money in a safety way, the only difference is how fast do you want to earn it.

How do make money?

Very simple! If you make money, we make money too.
The faster and more money you earn, the more we will win. In each successful trade, we receive a porcentage of it, which won’t affect your balance at all.

The contracts pay between 75% and 85%, the remaining porcentage is our profit.